Samsung The Frame 2021 launched in India: Price, features and everything else you need to know

Samsung has launched the new, 2021 edition of its The Frame TVs. As before, The Frame TVs that are designed to showcase pieces of art when not in use. The company notes that the new TVs are 46% thinner as compared to the previous model (review). These TVs use QLED technology along with Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology.

Samsung The Frame: Panel technologies

Samsung notes that The Frame delivers 100% colour volume that shows realistic colours no matter how bright or dark the scene gets. The Frame is powered by the company’s Quantum Processor 4K, which is an artificial intelligence engine. These AI capabilities allow the TV to learn, adapt and enhance the viewing experience. The TV also comes with an additional set of warm tone LEDs. This Dual LED backlighting is said to allow a more sophisticated colour tone combination.

Samsung The Frame TV: Features

As mentioned earlier, The Frame TV can be used to display art when not in use. This is called ‘Art Mode’ and is a common feature in this series of TVs. The Frame 2021 comes with additional original artworks to choose from. This includes a growing collection of over 1400 pieces of art from world renowned institutions. The Frame also comes with an AI-based auto-curation technology that can recommend artwork based on the user’s suggestions. It should also be noted that Samsung has drastically increased the TVs onboard storage as well. While the older TV has a capacity of 500MB, the new 2021 The Frame offers 6GB storage. 

The Frame comes with easy-to-replace magnetic bezels that come in two different colours. These bezels add to the ‘art’ look that the TV is going for. Speaking of which, the TV comes with an Art Store that users can use to buy art. Buyer can select individual pieces of art for Rs 1,199 or subscribe to the complete Art Store for Rs 299. There is also a My Collection section that will allow users the option to upload and display their own photos. Images can be uploaded via a USB drive or via their SmartThings app on their smartphones. In order to make The Frame look more like an art piece, it comes with a Slim Fit Wall Mount. There is also one Invisible Connection that uses a single translucent cable to connect TV to the One Connect box. This can be used to connect TV peripherals at a discreet place. 

The Frame also comes with motion sensors that can detect when a user is nearby and can automatically turn the TV display into art. Brightness sensors can also adjust the TV’s rightness and colourtone for a more natural illumination. 

The TV comes with SpaceFit Sound technology that uses the TV’s built-in mic to analyze the room’s acoustics and automatically applies the best audio settings. Speaking of audio, The Frame also comes with Q-Symphony that allows the TV and soundbar to operate simultaneously.

Other features include MultiView, Tap View, Smart Home, and Solar-cell remote. The TV also has two voice assistants in the form of Bixby and Alexa. 

Samsung The Frame: Price and availability

Prices for Samsung The Frame start at Rs 61,990 and will be available on Amazon, Flipkart and the Samsung Shop. It will be available in four screen sizes, namely 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch. The TV will be available from June 12 onwards. It should be noted that The Frame will come with a 1-year comprehensive warranty and a 1-year additional warranty on the panel.


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