Friday, February 21, 2020

Purchase Feedback

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Use this template to get feedback from your customers who have received their purchase with you and ask how they like it.

Please follow the step-by-step procedure below to run a survey with this template

Step-by-Step Procedure

Check the Questionaire in the template

If this is close to what you want, download the same

View it here

If this is very close to what you are looking for then Open it on Google Docs by clicking on the document icon at the bottom

Download Open The Template on Google Drive

Edit texts or sequence if required

Download as MS Word from File > Download > Microsoft Word (.docx)

Edit any text that you may need to edit to suit your purpose (Not supported in the Free Account)

Select Plan

Go back to the Get-Started page and select from one of the four plans

Upload the final edited questionnaire while ordering for your project

Upload the selected and edited questionnaire document and finish the purchase