Saturday, October 24, 2020

OnePlus camera app set to receive a major update soon

OnePlus has a history of releasing major software updates soon after a new smartphone is launched. This time, it seems like the camera software is ready to get a makeover as the latest OnePlus Camera app v4 update is expected to be rolled out this week.

We haven’t seen OnePlus’ stock camera app receiving much criticism but looks like the new tweaks are going to make it neater. Android Police spotted the latest software and has shared the APK, but it is advised to be installed only on the OnePlus 8 series phones unless you want to risk your older OnePlus. Since we do not have the new phones in India yet, we could not try the new camera app. However, Android Police shared a few screenshots of the app, giving an idea of what to expect from the update.

As per the screenshots shared by Android Police, the most noticeable change is that settings are now accessible from a new button in the top right. Google Lens gets a dedicated button in the viewfinder, while earlier, we had to tap and hold on the screen to activate it.

There are some readjustments done on the quick settings bar on the top of the viewfinder. A new filter and resolution selection toggles are added, and the aspect ratio toggle is removed. Further, things are moved around a little in the settings menu as well. The UltraShot HDR mode shifts to the top of the settings menu, followed by the aspect ratio selector, nightscape, and video. Looking at all the tweaks, it’s apparent that OnePlus has put the frequently used toggles upfront, replacing them with lesser-used ones.

As mentioned, Android Police notes that the Camera v4 only works on the OnePlus 8 series phones. Some users have reported camera issues and crashed when installed on older OnePlus phones. To be on the safer side, we recommend you to wait until the official update hits your phones. It is also not confirmed whether only the OnePlus 8-series will receive this update or the older phones will get it too.

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