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Microimage Mobile Media, an innovator in delivering media broadcasting and mobile solutions, has rebranded to ‘Futura Tech Labs’ in a bold move to reinvent the company and build more future-ready
products and services. 

Futura Tech Labs has also opened its office in Singapore further to cement the company’s position in the Asia-Pacific region. With an engineering base in Sri Lanka, the company focuses on building cutting-edge digital solutions for media broadcasting, film, and custom niche solutions for various other industries.

“With the rebranding of Microimage Mobile Media to Futura Tech Labs, we intend to accelerate innovation and build products to rapidly transform the digital media world. Our goal is to expand our business to regional markets with some of our upcoming niche products, and we are delighted to establish our presence in Singapore as the global business operations hub while our R&D centre remains in Sri Lanka. I am ever thankful to all the brilliant minds past and present who have contributed to building award-winning IP products over the past decade,” stated Futura Tech Labs Founder, CEO, and Director Harsha Purasinghe.

Incorporated in 2007, initially as Microimage Mobile Media—a Microimage spin-off venture—the company developed a slew of IPs, including mStudio, a comprehensive Radio Automation suite, vStation, a TV and video broadcasting suite, and several custom mobile applications. Under the new brand identity, Futura Tech Labs commits to enhancing its existing solutions to suit the present context while also building new products and services under its chosen domains. One such product yet to debut is for the film industry. 

“As more companies turn to digital transformation to make the existing more efficient, and unlock new revenue opportunities, there is a rising need to productise these digitalisations. The launch of Futura Tech Labs, leveraging both Singapore’s global status and Sri Lanka’s deep pool of tech talent, is a key milestone in our already successful track record in this domain. We look forward to creating a global technology champion based out of Singapore,” said Futura Tech Labs Director Damindu Jayaweera.

With an extensive product portfolio, Futura Tech Labs continues to create unique solutions for various industries that strive to transform their sectors. Futura Tech Labs’ flagship product, mStudio, has continued to evolve and calibrate for future challenges; this comprehensive and advanced radio automation solution delivers a simulcast radio and video experience with a 4-camera set-up and streaming to social media platforms and mobile devices while executing the whole radio operation. This solution is used by leading radio networks such as Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), Kristal FM Brunei, ABC Networks, MBC Networks, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, ITN, EAP Broadcasting, and many others across Malaysia, Brunei, and Sri Lanka.

“I am grateful to our valued customers and partners in the broadcast, media, and telco domains who have worked with us to build various cutting-edge products over the years. We wouldn’t have come this far without the unwavering trust established with our clients and partners,” added Harsha. 

Futura Tech Labs also developed a video playout solution, vStation that enables TV and digital channels such as Dialog TV and Sri Lanka Telecom Peo TV to produce and stream seamless shows.

Futura Tech Labs is also proud to have developed the world’s first GSM-based disaster and early warning system, DEWN, a collaborative project with Dialog Axiata, University of Moratuwa, and Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Centre (DMC). 

Over the years, Futura Tech Labs has received many accolades and recognition from prestigious awarding bodies such as the GSM Association Global Mobile Awards, World Summit Awards, m-Billionth South Asia Awards, APICTA Awards, and NBQSA Awards for its innovative solutions. The company’s endorsement of building more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and its rigorous R&D approach contribute to developing fresh and ultramodern solutions for tomorrow’s world.  

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