Financial Planning

A financial planning firm, Money Helpers, used this financial planning questionnaire to help their clients create a long-term financial plan. They have clients that are in financial difficulty and need to get out, and they have clients who just want to make sure they can save for a future expense, like college or a mortgage. For both types of clients, the questionnaire helps the firm learn how to create a personalized budget, plan and investment portfolio for each client based upon their need and situation.

A company should always take the time to ensure that employees are satisfied with the work environment and their jobs. It will help you retain employees, and happy employees will perform better and improve the overall outlook of the company. In order to remain in communication with employees and ensure they are satisfied, you should implement a regular employee satisfaction survey questionnaire. You can see what issues are raised and find ways to improve them before they become problematic. The overall content will include questions for the employee to discuss his or her overall job satisfaction. The employee satisfaction survey questionnaire format should include questions about the employee’s job, manager, skills development and training, co-workers, and compensation. It should also include questions about how the employee feels about the overall company and his or place within it, including whether he or she feels respected and appreciated. You can also ask whether the employee feels he or she will remain at the company for a long time. A telemarketing company used this employee satisfaction survey questionnaire to ensure that the employees remained satisfied with their jobs. They had employees fill it out once or twice a year. Anytime they felt that the overall morale of the company suffered, they found ways to improve the company environment to retain the employees. They were also able to know ahead of time when an employee was hoping for a promotion or a better job.

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