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Advanced Analytics Solutions

Successful business forecasts, decisions, and strategies are driven by data.
Close the gap between data and action. Proceed with certainty.

Marketing Analytics

The application of scientific methods to guide marketing efforts is undergoing significant changes. Today’s Marketing Analytics should blend in newly available non-traditional sources of data with enterprise data, and adapt to the rapidly evolving digital delivery channels.

A very micro-level view of the target audience is becoming feasible with increased digital activity. The ability to connect online and offline footprint is giving the new age marketer a 360-degree view of their prospects – including their demographics, attitudes, and behaviors.

Technology, data, and analytics are driving omnichannel marketing, throughout the prospect lifecycle, with personalization at the core. This is allowing marketers to identify value propositions and the best targeting options.

Customer Analytics

A deeper understanding of the customer has never been as important as it is today. Social media, open information, new business models, and ever-increasing options make it paramount to understand the pulse of customers and predict their behaviors.

The core objectives of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and value remain the same, however, the means to the end are changing rapidly. Combining in-store and online behaviors along with social hearing and surveys is giving organizations a 360-degree customer view.

Analytics is helping organizations predict purchase patterns, customer behaviors, lifestyle preferences, and offering them hyper-personalized propositions. Data, technology, and predictive analytics are being used to redefine customer interactions.

Tools we work with

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  • Guaranteed data security

    We often work on 10% of the data set and create our script. Then share the script with our client for them to run the analysis on the full data set. And if we are entrusted with the data, we will protect it with the highest security protocols

  • Quick turn around

    We respect your need and try to deliver output as quickly as possible

  • R experts for any complex task

    We are equipped with R expertise so that whatever your data processing plans are, we will surely deliver the output

  • Live data dashboards

    Equipped with Google Data Studio, Redash, Tableau, and Power BI, we are quick to connect live data to visualization and deliver live dashboards wherever needed

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